It's about listening.


 Helping animals and people improve their relationships and develop respectful partnerships has been my passion for many years. I combine effective problem-solving techniques with a deep understanding of animals as physical, emotional and spiritual beings.


How I Communicate With Animals


There are communication difficulties in every relationship, especially the ones closest to us. People often become frustrated when their animals exhibit undesirable behaviors. Animals get confused when they don’t get clear emotional messages from the people around them. I can help you bridge this communication gap so you can move from conflict to cooperation and develop respectful partnerships with your animal friends.


Animals think in pictures and emotions, and I have always been able to understand these pictures. I can ask them specific questions and interpret their responses. My passion is helping you build deeper, more satisfying relationships with the animals you share your life with.


I have worked as an Animal Communicator for over 15 years and have been featured on TV and have also hosted an Internet radio program. I have clients worldwide and have worked with many types of animals including, birds, reptiles, farm animals, show dogs and competitive sport horses.


In addition to doing home visits and phone readings, I also do fundraising events for animal rescue organizations. I teach Animal Communication classes through Lifelong Learning at the University of Utah as well as private classes. If you are interested in an event or class, please fill out the form on the Contact Me page.




Past clients share their experiences.


“Thank you for listening to Thomas my cat last August, communicating his responses, and answering all my questions! I think about Thomas’ communications and your answers daily.”

— Holly, Denver, CO

“Thank you for your help with Pepper. Emotionally, he is feeling much better. The difference in him is like night and day. That look of terror is gone from his eyes, he doesn’t run away from me and I’m having no trouble giving him his medicine. Physically, he seems to be healing just fine.”

— Samantha, Ogden, UT

“Thanks for your visit and inspiration. Just a note to let you know Momma Kitty changed her attitude about her shots after you talked to her. Boy, she really changed. She has improved so much that I can now give the shots to her myself, no hissing and wrestling (from either of us), and she is much more forgiving. Our bond is growing again. Thanks for helping us help her.”

— Sharon, Park City, UT



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Helping People and Animals Build Better Partnerships

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