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Humans Think. Animals Feel will help you improve your relationship with your animal friends. This book highlights how to build better partnerships by using skills you already have in innovative ways. You don’t need to develop any new talents or rush out and buy a crystal ball, just use some of your best thinking abilities like emotional awareness, visualization and creating expectations to move from conflict to cooperation. If you want to get your dog to listen, your cat to be easier to live with or your horse to work with you instead of against you, give them information in a way they will understand. Your animal can’t think like you but you can learn to think like them. Patty Rayman was born with the ability to communicate with animals and details her techniques to correct problem behaviors and deepen your bond with the animals that share your life.


Many people function on autopilot in their relationships with their animals, but by reading this book and doing the exercises, you will have taken steps towards a more conscious partnership. When you change the physical, mental and emotional input, your relationships become more enjoyable on a daily basis. These techniques work with all animals and there is a special section about changing cat behavior. There are many practical examples showing how to apply these concepts to real life situations such as:


  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking


There is also useful information about diet and exercise to help you make healthy choices for them. You spend a lot of time, energy and money on your animal companions, so make an effort to find the common ground between you. Patty believes that everyone who loves animals can successfully communicate with them.




Patty Rayman realized at an early age that the pictures in her head were coming from animals sharing their emotions with her. The funny thing was she understood what they were sending. As she got older she started telling people about their animals at parties and it grew into professional readings from there.


As a pet psychic Patty helps people and animals have conversations to improve their relationships with each other. She does readings from photos over the phone, in person through home visits and at events. She especially loves to do fundraisers for rescue groups, because they are her heroes.

Opening the door of communication between humans and animals is the most meaningful part of Patty’s life. She admits that to be a good pet psychic takes patience, good emotional boundaries and lint rollers. Lots of lint rollers.

Patty lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her fat, happy, and (sometimes) charming cat Monster, who is a very demanding editor.



Helping People and Animals Build Better Partnerships

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